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Personalized interior architecture

We are all different, we also differ in the kind of space where we feel at home, where we can recharge, relax. As an interior architect, it inspires me to understand other people's style and motivates me to help express it with spaces and furnishings. This is why I specialized in planning family houses and apartments. I believe that a well-designed living space is not only functional and modern, but it reflects our personality, adapts to our habits and harmonizes with the building too.

Kriszta Balázs interior architect



If you prefer doing the design yourself, but you need an expert opinion and help on how to get the most out of your property with remodeling and ideal furniture arrangement or simply you want to know how your idea can be realized.

Interior Architecture

If you are planning a home conversion or your family house is under under construction and the its layout is not fixed yet, I help you get the most out of your property with thoughtful interior architectural design.

Interior Design

If you are not planning a remodelling, the walls, coverings and all the electrical and mechanical outlets are ready and all you need is thoughtful interior design plan with carefully selected colors, furniture and textiles.


If you need more information or you would like to request a quotation, feel free to call or contact me via email or facebook.

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